Practice Areas

Agreement Negotiation and Drafting

Christie is a sharp negotiator who can get you what you want out of a deal while ensuring ongoing strong relationships with those you are negotiating with. Types of agreements Christie typically deals with are:

  • Intellectual Property licensing
  • Agreements between founders
  • Sales of businesses
  • Consultants’ Agreements
  • Supplier agreements

Business Guidance and Counsel

People often come to Christie with ideas, which usually include ideas of what the legal framework they need will need to be. Christie has talked through issues with hundreds of founders and organizations, zeroing in on what needs to happen to make things happen. Types of guidance Christie typically offers are:

  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Privacy Reviews and consultations
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity reviews

Business Formation and Operation

The first things entrepreneurs think they need to do is form an organization. Christie has helped many through the process for many types of organizations. Christie has special rates for ongoing relationships. Types of things Christie can help you with include:

  • Incorporation
  • Privacy Policy/Terms of Service
  • Outsourced General Counsel

Many years ago, I gave a talk to help get people started here.