Giving Back

A while ago I saw Marc Benioff (Salesforce) speak on how organizations must be built from the ground up with a spirit of community service in order to keep philanthropy as a core principle. Taking that advice to heart I engage, with every facet of the business, services that have a deliberate positive impact on society.

I personally volunteer pro bono at the Sustainable Economies Law Center. The center’s goal is to support community resilience and economic empowerment by supporting initiatives by and for disadvantaged communities. I am proud to make a difference in the lives of individuals by helping enable them to create the change their communities need.

I also agree to take pro bono and “low bono” reduced fee cases with both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and California Lawyers for the Arts. I work with innovators through each of these organizations.

My hosting provider for this site is GreenGeeks. Since carbon footprint is the most critical issue for hosting, I have selected one that makes a positive impact on climate change by 300% climate offsets.

My bank where I keep client funds is Beneficial State Bank. Not only do they refrain from investing in environment damaging energy, they engage in financial literacy to help improve individuals’ lives. They favor investments in initiatives that strengthen communities. I could not consider putting valuable client funds towards activities that harm communities or the environment.

As my practice grows, I will undoubtedly require more services. I look forward to new and innovative ways those services can give back to the community.

After Hours

My community involvement does not stop with my business. In my off time, I volunteer with several organizations to support the San Francisco community.

I have often been involved in disaster response and San Francisco has some of the best response infrastructure I have ever seen. So I can do my part in doing the most good for the most people in difficult situations, I am a registered Neighborhood Emergency Response Team member. I often participate in neighborhood and citywide drills and training to keep my skills sharp.

Free and fair elections are a cornerstone our democracy. I personally get involved in my community by volunteering for every election as a poll worker at my precinct in the City and County of San Francisco. The past few elections I headed up the precinct.