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Entrepreneurial Law

Whether you’re working with new ideas or with an established organization, I can help you nail the landing for your vision.

What you need from an attorney…

Christie’s law practice has a narrow focus, working with early stage startups and entrepreneurs directly. Christie is able to work closely with founders to address all legal issues up through funding.

Christie understands entrepreneurs because she is an entrepreneur. Her startup, Fork the Law, was influential in international circles for her concepts of citizen participation in legislative change. She was invited to speak at the Council of Europe on her innovative approach to democracy in 2013.

Christie understands technology because she is a technologist. Originally trained as an engineer, she worked in computer networking, systems integration, as well as hardware information security doing everything from troubleshooting proprietary protocols to unlocking cell phones. Her engagement with information security and privacy brought her to speak at important conferences such as Black Hat, Def Con, and Chaos Communications Congress.

But most importantly, Christie is fast and efficient. With a few questions, she can zero in on your own issues. As a solo practitioner, there are no meetings and discussions about what needs to be done. She can get things done right and quickly so you can focus on growth.


Christie Dudley


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